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Details to lookout in choosing a bridal posy ...
- Decide a colour theme & style for your wedding before making a choice of the bridal posy 
- The bridal posy should suit your personality, gown and theme
- Show us pictures of your wedding gown when you make an appointment with us

Round, Sphere Shaped Posy
Simple, elegant, traditional bouquet that is suitable for both formal and informal weddings. Sometimes called a "colonial bouquet," this type of bouquet does not have to be perfectly round in shape and can be designed as a tight cluster for a denser look or loosely arranged for an "airy" feel. The flowers chosen for a round bouquet can influence the bouquet's formality. eg .by revealing the stems of the wedding posy , it would create a more casual touch while wrapping the stem with satin ribbon will differ...

Cascading Bouquets
Sometimes called a teardrop, fountain, or waterfall bouquet. This sophisticated and elongated style features fullness and an abundance of blossoms at the top of the bouquet then tapers downwards with flowing foliage, floral streamers, or ribbons at the bottom. This bouquet can be designed very dense with flowers and foliage or can be more loosely arranged for an "airy" or "wispy" look. It often add grandeur to traditional weddings.

Freeform / Contemporary Bouquet
As the name implies, this style bouquet often has flowers or greenery coming out at various angles with no specific, recognizable shape. Freeform and contemporary bouquets are most often designed with tropical flowers and foliage that have unique shapes.

Call for an appointment with us @ Tel: 61000 166 / 6100 1669

It will be good to allow at least 2-3 weeks advance time to plan for your wedding posy.
Let us know your colour theme, & style ... oh yes, your favourite flowers in mind and we will make your dreams come true.

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