Flower Story


Flower Talks . . . .

Everyone will be awe by the beauty of flowers  . . . even though we are always

surrounded by flowers everyday, we are always amazed by their continuing

ability to astonish, amused, and enthrall us.

The Choice of blooms in a potted or hand posy is  always acquainted

with the kind of mood to create & also the personality of the recipient .

You can choose the kind of feel you are trying to express your

feelings by the colour combinations . Here are some examples

of the different feel of the wonder of flower colours

Romatic Theme~ for those who wanted a magical romatic touch. .

from any shades of lilac accompanied by  the creamy white base.

Sweet Theme~ for those who just fall in love. . .

with the combination of light pink & creamy white base & sometimes it looks even better touches of lilac.

Pastel Theme ~ For those who do not know which & not to create too loud colours , this is the safest theme

It is usually consist of champagne with other softer colours .

Bright & Cherry Theme ~ For those who wish to cheerup some one

This theme ranging from shades of bright yellow to orange & with touches if red will gives a more vibrant look

White Theme ~ For those who wish to create a more natural  feel,sometimes fruits are added for a refreshing treat

With different combinations of white to cream flowers & lavish green foliage & berries

Zen Thene~ For someone who wish to create a clean & modern look & is usually create a more lasting look

Main flowers are focus more than the smaller fillers & sometimes usage of pebbles & zen plates are introduce

Modern Oriental Theme ~ For those who wish to have a oriental look but with a twist of modern touch

Is a combination of deep n bright red,shocking pink n light pink to lilac & green foliage

Red Theme ~ For those who are madly in love & red to express your passionate love

Combinations of deep red to brown colour & sometimes white or green are added to bring out the red theme

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